Meet Sydney Murray.

Employment Readiness Program Coordinator, University of Windsor

Windsor, ON


What inspired you to enter and pursue this field?

I love seeing others succeed and am a strong advocate of post-secondary education. To me, education (whether it's university, college, or a trade) is the best pathway to prosperity. Working with university students is a true blessing. They are at such a transformative stage in their lives and it feels empowering to play a small part in that change.

How did you come to be in this position?

I fell into the world of higher education and experiential learning through planned happenstance, as most careers do. I was very involved in campus life as a student at the University of Windsor, and volunteered heavily with a program called Students Orienting Students (SOS). As an SOS volunteer, I assisted with our Head Start and Welcome Week programs and helped incoming first-year students with their transition to university. I soon discovered that I had a passion for helping others succeed in their post-secondary journey. While in school, I was able to secure a paid part-time position doing just that. I worked as an assistant for a mentorship program at the University of Windsor for two years. During my final year of university, I was debating what to do next. I was considering graduate school, but was still on the fence. In the fall semester of my final year, my manager announced that she was pregnant. She asked if I would consider applying for her position while she was on maternity leave. I decided to go for it, since it was just one year, right? Wrong! That one year contract changed my career. It confirmed that working in higher education was the right path for me. Seeing students succeed in their academic lives and career development has been the driving force of my career ever since.

After my contract was up, another position became available in the career centre at the University of Windsor. Since then, I have led a fulfilling career working in higher education in a variety of roles. Most of my time has been spent in Career Development & Experiential Learning, but I've also had the opportunity to work in the Academic Advising and Student Recruitment offices. I now currently work with a great team in Co-operative Education & Workplace Partnerships, where I oversee the delivery of a program which supports the job readiness for students involved in work-integrated learning opportunities at the University of Windsor. I help our co-op and internship students market themselves effectively to employers, write stellar resumes and cover letters, and perform with excellence in job interviews. My work is very satisfying, as I get to see our students transform from unsure job seekers to confident and capable professionals.

What advice would you give young women looking to enter your current line of work?

Believe in yourself. You are capable, and were hired into this job for a reason!

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. The best kind of progress happens outside of your comfort zone. Go for that promotion, lead that meeting, voice that idea – the worst someone can say is no!


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