Meet Sarah Bond.

Mine Manager, Imperial Limestone

Texada Island, BC


What inspired you to enter and pursue this field?

It was a happy accident! I originally had planned to move into the biomedical engineering field and focused my education into this area. I ended up working in a small aggregate operation in Edmonton and loved it. I continued to move through the mining world and have enjoyed the challenges and successes that come with it.

How did you come to be in this position?

I graduated from McMaster University with a degree in Materials Engineering and this crossed over into the mining sector. I started working with Lafarge in a management training program which moved me to different departments and different sites every few months. This helped me to gain knowledge and respect for each aspect of the business. I started off in Edmonton working in QC and general maintenance at a wash plant, as well as in the Lands Management and Planning department. I was then transferred on a temporary placement to their Texada Island operation. I then took a permanent posting at this location as the Drill and Blast Supervisor. The scale and complexity of this operation gave numerous challenges and helped me to develop my knowledge of the limestone industry. About two years I made the move to Arcosa Specialty Materials at their Imperial Limestone site and started my role as Mine Manager.

What advice would you give young women looking to enter your current line of work?

You do not need to hide your femininity to be successful in a male dominated industry. Never change who you are to make someone else feel more comfortable. The respect is earned and hard work always pays off in the end.


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