Meet Raeanna Kelly.

Strategic Planning Analyst, North West Terminal Agriculture

Unity, SK

What inspired you to enter and pursue this field?

Grew up living and breathing the Agriculture Industry, so this industry has come natural for me. I have always been interested in business as well so the mixture of Agribusiness has been the perfect fit for me.

How did you come to be in this position?

I started out taking a Bachelor of Commerce degree not knowing exactly what my career path would look like. I knew I was most likely going to apply my business knowledge back into the agriculture industry somehow, but I was very unsure of what they would look like. I ended up landing a temporary maternity leave coverage position in Human Resources at the local grain elevator immediately after I graduated with my degree. From this position I went on to cover a couple other maternity leaves in the organization. I was very fortunate to do this because I have been able to grow my overall knowledge of how North West Terminal operates. I have now landed a new position as a Strategic Planning Analyst, within this organization which will allow me to pursue my MBA while continuing to work. After graduating university I was very uncertain as to how my career path was going to shape out, but I truly believe that everything happened for a reason post graduation and I can now happily say that I have finally found a job that I truly love and am passionate about!

What were some difficulties you faced in your field?

I am currently facing a difficult situation when presenting directly to North West Terminal's board of directors. Part of my job is to report on specific projects to the board of directors. However, the entire board is made up on all white middle to older aged men. I find this situation fairly intimidating at times because I often get comments remarked to me that portray the idea that women don't know anything and especially a young woman like myself. I am fortunate enough to be a young woman with confidence and I strongly believe in the topics or results that I present to them, but even so, I find myself feel less than or inadequate while presenting to our board of directors.

What advice would you give young women looking to enter your current line of work?

Confidence. Kill people with kindness and go into any situation with confidence.

What do you see as some positives of being a woman in your field?

We live in an era of time where we can prove to society that woman are kickass! We CAN own a business, our voices CAN be loud, and we CAN make a difference. I am excited to prove to men in the agriculture industry, specifically in this organization, that women are powerful and we can be leaders in the industry as well!

Why do you want to be involved with New Generation Women, and what does this initiative mean to you?

I want to be involved with New Generation Women because I believe that women ARE just as powerful as men. We can be leaders too! This really hit home for me because in my small community of 2500 people, there has been a recent influx of women entrepreneurs. Within the last year or so there have been at least 10 women in our small community that have opened businesses and it has been SO inspiring to watch and it feels so good to support them! Not only do I want to be a leader in my small community, but I also want to inspire other young ladies to step up and be leaders too!

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