Meet May Marefat.

Chemical Engineering PhD, Integrity EIT

VP at Society of Women Engineers (SWE) Toronto

Toronto, ON



What inspired you to enter and pursue this field?

I was always passionate about energy and energy resources and how that fuels human life.

How did you come to be in this position?

I was good at math and science in school and was eager to learn how to utilize science in everyday applications that impact human life. I studied chemical engineering to learn about the design and optimization of various industrial processes. I then continued my studies in chemical engineering at Masters and PhD levels with focus on fluid mechanics, fluid dynamics, and multiphase flows where I had the opportunity to carry out research and experimental studies on systems carrying solid particles suspended in a fluid medium. These systems can be found in various industries ranging from energy (e.g. oil and gas) to food, and pharmaceuticals. After I completed my PhD, I joined Enbridge and currently work in the integrity management program where we focus on maintaining gas facilities and assets fit for service so we can provide energy safely and reliably to communities in Ontario. I am happy that I work in the energy sector and am part of the solution to the everyday energy demands.

What advice would you give young women looking to enter your current line of work?

First, Invest in building your professional network. I built a lot of my professional relationships through volunteer positions I held. Volunteering for organizations like SWE and other NFP professional organizations provided me with a unique opportunity to interact with professionals in my field of work and learn from their experiences and share mine.

Second, invest in building the skills required for your dream job. If your dream job requires leadership skills, look for volunteer positions that can give you the opportunities to practice those skills.

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