Meet Erin Penney.

Human Resources Associate

Windsor ON


What inspired you to enter and pursue this field?

The level of impact one can have in HR. I started working in customer service at 15 years old, over the years it helped me realize that great companies are made of great people. Whether you get such people by recruiting, onboarding, training and development depends primarily on HR. Is what made me want to participate in this field.

How did you come to be in this position?

The biggest factor that has helped me to get to where I am today was being an active member on campus. I have worked on initiatives collecting over a thousand used textbooks for students in developing countries, assisted with diversity campaigns, organized case competitions and speed interviewing events, while also participating in case competitions in Toronto representing the University of Windsor. These experiences is what lead me to my first internship at The Beer Store. With that, I managed to get my first HR Coordinator job at Mastronardi Produce. I had some of the best mentorship, learning opportunities and advancement into an HR Generalist role, where I continued to grow as a young professional. Two years later, I was presented with the opportunity for an Human Resources Associate role at Electrozad. Where I'm loving the wide range of duties, strategic planning and the wonderful leaders I get to work with. The propensity to learn and a growth mindset is what opened many doors for me and what I recommend for all women looking to get into the business world.

What advice would you give young women looking to enter your current line of work?

If you are interested in pursing HR then make sure you get your concentration and go to class! Networking starts with your professors. Make positive relationships with others in your class, on campus and in your community. If you're a new graduate, look for as many networking opportunities as you can. Whether its by getting your CHRP and becoming an active member in their chapters, attend job fairs at any College or University and connecting with others on LinkedIn. The best advice I have received in my career is to be yourself, the relationships you make will be one of the important factors of your success. Treat everyone with kindness, respect and compassion.


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