Meet Dr. Chitra Rangan.

Professor of Physics, University of Windsor

Chair of the Division for Gender Equity in Physics, Canadian Association of Physicists

Windsor, ON

What inspired you to enter and pursue this field?

Great teachers in high school, the subject is interesting

How did you come to be in this position?

I am interested in everything, but I got best marks in science & math in high school. So I did a BSc in Physics with minors in Math & Chemistry (since I was too squeamish to do biology dissections), and learned computer programming outside school. I was going to be a high school science teacher, but a summer camp, and a research project opportunity led to my interest in doing a Masters. Once I did a research project for my Master's I was hooked on research. It was on to a PhD, first I thought in astronomy, then after a year, I changed my mind, and switched to atomic physics. Eventually, I did postdoctoral research, and then became a professor.

What advice would you give young women looking to enter your current line of work?

Do what you love, and what you are good at. Don't let societal or family pressures determine your career path. Find mentors. I am committed to inclusion, and supporting diversity. I would love to tell you about physics, and why physics is a great field to grow your career.

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