Partnership with Immigrant & International Women in Science

Next Generation Women is excited to announce a new partnership with Immigrant & International Women in Science (IWS)! Learn more about them below, and stay tuned for upcoming activities.


IWS-Network is a grassroots organization born out of similar but independent ideas from women who saw the need to provide support and mentorship to fellow Immigrant and International Women in Science (IWS). Early in 2018, while discussing the mentorship activities they were doing in their respective cities, these women realized they could join forces and invite other women to form a Canadian-wide IWS Network. This idea spread rapidly, and thanks to the great support received by many other women across Canada, IWS Network is currently present in multiple Canadian cities, with prospects to grow even more in the future.

IWS Network is driven by the committed volunteer work of a fantastic group of women with scientific backgrounds currently active in industry, academia, and government. IWS Network is committed to increase awareness about the role that immigrant and international women play in advancing STEM fields in Canada. We saw the lack of support and we promptly took action! Our community has swiftly grown in the last three years and we are now able to provide support to additional fellow IWS members. Today, we are the sole pan-Canadian network offering support to Immigrant and international Women in Science!

Our vision is to build a collaborative network that supports and promotes equity, diversity, and inclusion of Immigrant and International Women from STEM backgrounds in Canada.

With the help of our city leaders, we organize monthly in-person and virtual meetings with in-depth discussions among our members aimed to support them in their challenges and grow their network while providing opportunities. Our main goal is to support each other and share our experiences about gender equity, diversity, inclusion, as well as personal, professional and cultural challenges.

We are actively engaged in Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter, with more than 4 thousand followers combined, not only from Canada but also worldwide. Through social media, we create awareness and support to minority groups, we empower and advocate for women in science, and support each other and lift our voices.

As an organization that encourages women in STEM, we want to strengthen women's competencies via knowledge, participation, inclusion, and recognition, to envision themselves as STEM professionals and succeed in their careers. We are proud to foster a culture where every voice is welcomed, heard, and respected. To address our current and future global challenges, we need people who are adaptable, creative, able to think critically, motivated and that can collaborate with others to develop solutions and build a better future for themselves and upcoming generations. Through collective and sustained impact, within a STEM ecosystem, we can drive a change and ensure a diverse and thriving STEM workforce.

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