40 Under Forty: Amanda Kingsley Malo (32)

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Amanda is a teacher, activist and changemaker. She began her teaching career in 2011, and currently teaches French Immersion Kindergarten at Valley View Public School. She is the founder of PoliticsNOW, a grassroots organization dedicated to finding, empowering and electing women to municipal councils in Northern Ontario. In March 2018, Amanda was appointed by the Governor in Council as a Board Trustee for the Canadian Museum of History — one of the youngest recipients ever to receive the honor. She also recently joined the Board of Directors for the Art Gallery of Sudbury. Having discovered long ago that she feels most like herself when she is giving back to others, Amanda has fully immersed herself to contributing a long-lasting positive legacy in Sudbury, and is hopeful that her efforts will be felt all over the North.

Q: What is the number one thing you are working toward that you haven’t yet accomplished? A: The last four years have been such a wild ride for me, and I have been lucky that I have achieved dreams that I didn’t even know that I had, but I’ve still got quite a few dreams that I hold near to me. As a teacher by trade, I’m sure it surprises no one that I truly value education and love going to school. A long held dream of mine has been to earn a Master’s degree, and so this year, I finally decided to take the plunge and start applying to programs. I’m crossing my fingers that it all works out.

Q: What would be the theme song of your life? A: Run the World (Girls) – Beyonce

Q: What is the most rewarding part of your job? A: Whether it’s in my classroom with my students or when I’m running seminars to equip women to run for office, my favourite part about being an educator is watching people grow and thrive thanks to the tools that I’ve given them. For the 2018 municipal election, I trained over 100 candidates and volunteers, supported 26 women running for office and saw 10 of them get elected. It is so gratifying to watch my efforts reverberate across the North.

Q: Share something about yourself that others would be surprised to know. A: I am a total pop-culture aficionado — I watch the Oscars like some might watch the Superbowl, I analyze celebrity gossip like its an actual academic endeavor, and I live for red carpets.

Q: What makes you proud to be a Sudburian? A: There’s a real eclectic, go-getter mentality here that makes this city a truly wonderful place to live. Sudbury is a place of innovation, and you see it everywhere — in the way trees grow on rocks, in the murals that adorn our downtown, in the talents of all of these awesome people that are making our community better.

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